I like you but sometimes I don't

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I live in Western Mass. I spend a lot of time online. I work a lot. (Photographer, retoucher, office manager.) Half-Jewish, raised by Buddhists. Probably older than you. I post news, politics, photography, art, books, pretty pictures, a little geeky pop culture and whatever's on my mind.

I’m not going to reblog it, but I just got a “sponsored” post in my feed from universalhorrorfilms. I am not following this blog, nor would I ever, because I do not like horror movies. I don’t see any option to block them. This is the new ad approach, I guess. Inserting shit into your feed that you didn’t ask for, just like facebook.

Not only that, it was a nine image flashing gif set with no gif tags. I only find it mildly annoying, but did nobody think to warn universal about tagging shit like that? Blargh.

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    Yeah, that was the last thing I wanted to see at night browsing my dash. >_< The Tumblr ad people can figure out gifsets...
  2. halcyon-ia said: the r looking at your post thinking, shock, horror… wait user interactive response… free advertising yay
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